Peer Review Process

Manuscript (research article, review article, and case report) will be submitted by the author to the editorial board.  The manuscript then be reviewed by the editorial board whether the manuscript will be processed to review stage or put at waiting list for a temporary. The Editorial board will review the format of the manuscript (submitted by the authors) whether it’s suits the formatting of journal guidelines and plagiarism checks. Manuscript indicated to plagiarism >20% will have to be re-worked or rejected if could not fulfill the requirement.

The manuscript passed this process will continue to a double-blind peer-review process. The reviewer of the manuscript is someone who understands the main topic of the manuscript and is able to give a relevant review to guide the editorial board in publishing the manuscript. The manuscript will be submitted to the reviewer for 2-4 weeks after the manuscript was submitted to the reviewer. The main concern of the reviewer is the scientific and ethical content of the manuscript. After the review is completed, the result of the review can be submitted to the editorial board through the Open Journal System (OJS) by the reviewer itself.

After the manuscripts passed the review stage, reviewers' comments will be reviewed by the editorial board about the appropriateness and validity of the manuscript. The editorial board will state the editorial decision. The manuscript may be directly accepted, declined, or require revision. If the reviewer stated the manuscript is ready to be published without any revision, then the manuscript can directly enter the publishing phase immediately. Meanwhile, if the reviewer stated the manuscript needs some revisions by the author about the scientific content or ethical content, then the editorial board will return the manuscript and comments to the author to be revised according to the review of the reviewer. The recommended or type of revision by the reviewer can be whether major revisions or minor revisions depending on the review of the reviewer. The revised manuscript will be checked by the editorial board for tracking changes and reported to the reviewer, whether considered to be accepted or required further revision.

In the publishing phase, the editorial board will summarize the manuscript that has been stated ready to publish by the reviewer in 1 volume consisting of at least 15 manuscripts. The included manuscripts in 1 volume are summarized according to the internal discussion of the editorial board. The author of the manuscripts will be given a notification about the date and volume of publication and the hardcopy of the Journal by an automated email by the Open Journal System. The publication will be done offline through the hardcopy/print-out copy of the Jurnal Keperawatan Komprehensif (Comprehensive Nursing Journal) or done online by publication using the website (